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Based in Cologne, Germany

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"I am OK" is a story-driven 2D adventure game about the emotional journey of a young photography student. It deals with mental health, thematizes its stigma in society and centers around one of the strongest human emotions: anger. The protagonist, Neera, appears to be shy and quiet, making her the ideal target for her boss' bullying. She never shows a reaction when being attacked, offended, or made the scapegoat. Neera has learned to not let her feelings reach the surface. But she is burdened with a dark secret: whenever Neera can't take it anymore, Eris, her inner ego, takes over. Recklessly she runs amok inside a dream world, wreaking havoc on everything that gets in her way, leaving Neera terrified. What does this all mean and where will it lead to? The answer lies in Neera's traumatic past, which even she has not dared to fully explore yet. Embark on a journey through the young woman's memories, uncover what has been kept hidden for so long and realize: sometimes it's okay to not be okay.



  • 2D story-driven adventure game‎ that ...
  • ... explores what happens when someone constantly suppresses their feelings
  • ... highlights a classic social problem: picking on the seemingly weak
  • ... shows that it's okay to not be okay
  • Dive into a rich and deep narrative around the topic of mental health
  • Uncover ‎what Neera has buried deep within her and discover the truth about her past
  • Experience the intertwining of the real world and her memory world
  • Overcome obstacles the environment has in store for you


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About Cubidoo Entertainment

Cubidoo Entertainment is a German independent game studio founded by Kristin Janulik, specialising in games beyond entertainment. The studio's portfolio covers educational games based upon the playful learning approach, brain games and games dealing with mental health and beyond. The team believes that video games are a great medium to visualise and convey topics important to them and the world and reflect the current Zeitgeist. The stories their games tell motivate and are food for thought, encouraging players to reflect on their experiences. Cubidoo prides itself on having a company culture built around equality and fairness - only teamwork makes the dream work!

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I am OK Credits

Kristin Janulik
Game Design, Writing & Producing

Lukas Künz

Kaja Reinki
2D Art & Animation

Dana Alex

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