Lily & Leo

The Adventures of Lily & Leo

Don't feel like reading? Not with Lily & Leo!

In this  interactive reading adventure, everything revolves around the colourful adventurous world of the two best friends Lily and Leo. Values and moral lessons are taught in a playful way, embedded in an exciting story. The fun of reading and solving puzzles as well as the joy of discovery take centre stage.

The World

Lily & Leo’s world is colourful and exciting. Their neighbourhood may seem ordinary to adults, but for the two friends it is full of secrets and surprises.

When their faithful companion Quattro suddenly disappears, they embark on an adventurous search in which they learn important lessons about friendship and courage. Join them on this thrilling adventure and be inspired by Lily & Leo! 

The Characters


Lily is a clever and adventurous girl.

She enjoys climbing, rollicking about and she can run really fast. She doesn’t like listening to adults, only if they already have the same opinion as her anyways. She respects and admires all brave, venturesome and extraordinary people. She loves all animals, especially Leo’s dog Quattro. She likes trying new things and doesn’t shy away from exploring the unknown. She is fearless yet a bit impulsive.

Lily is not a big fan of school. Sitting still all day, listening to teachers and sticking to rules are not really her thing. Lily is very bright for her age and since she’s been on many adventures, she is capable of more than other kids.


Leo is an intelligent and clever boy.  

He’s brave but not as rebellious as his best friend Lily. He is, however, more mature than her. Leo knows how to speak to adults, he manages to get home in time, and even comes back from his adventures with Lily without any ripped clothes.  

Leo loves technology, does handicrafts and he even already knows how to programme. His father is an engineer, which is why Leo always learns a lot when he is working on technological projects with him. When Leo grows up, he wants to follow the footsteps of his idol Steve Wozniak, the famous electronic engineer. 

His large set of skills has already helped him and Lily a lot on their adventures. 


Dimitrij „Pepo“ Pepovic is an elderly Russian man who’s living in Lily and Leo’s neighbourhood.

Nobody knows what he’s doing, where he’s from, and what his job is. He’s an old eccentric and he lives very privately in a strange house with a big, heavily vegetated garden. Adults think he’s rather peculiar and mysterious.

Since Pepo is alone most of the time and somewhat odd, all kids of the neighbourhood are bit afraid of him. But that’s not necessary at all! Behind his sternly looking face, is a nice and kind man.

Pepo becomes a true friend to Lily and Leo, who supports them on all their adventures.


Quattro is Leo’s dog and, next to Lily, his very best friend.

As he’s already a bit older, everything he does is rather slow-paced. Usually, he tries to protect the two little rascals, Lily and Leo, from danger – if he’s not looking for food, of course. Quattro is always supporting them on their adventures and is their ever-faithful companion.